Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In case you're wondering

CNC project has stalled due to no money to buy bits. I need some parts to make the drill. The dremel is too noisy and I want to be able to turn the drill on and off via the arduino, so I'm going with good quality DC motors and trying to figure out how to mount the milling bits onto them.

In the mean time, I've been working on a new book and a new computer language. The book is about how to program giving practical examples of how to develop using the data-oriented programming paradigm. The idea is that that book will help people get a good grasp of how to do it by example, and will read and understand the sections on why OO code tends to be a lot slower and harder to debug.
The language is an incarnation of this premise too. It strips away most of the language features that allow object oriented programming and restricts the programmer into coding ready for parallelism and GPU acceleration (FPGA is planned too).

If I wasn't working on those, I would be writing simulation software for the CNC using polyvox so I could test out all the cuts ahead of time. But seeing as I don't really know for sure what is happening there until I fix the cutting head, I have let it stay patient while I get on with other things.

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