Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Things we lost

Due to the mortgage pain, the house not selling, the insolvency of Broadsword, here are some of the things we've lost:
  • My RC helicopter (full 3D electric)
  • My RC plane controller and Futaba servos (very nice 2.4ghz controller)
  • My first RC Airplane (not great, but I liked it)
  • My RC Car (Mad Force, I loved that car)
  • My Wife's RC Car (She loved her Savage as much as I loved my Mad Force)
  • A large number of my wife's collected fairy ornaments and a piggy bank.
  • My motorcycle, a Suzuki Bandit 1200
  • Our car, a Renault Clio Automatic (so my wife could learn to drive)
  • My power kite (a 3m kite)
  • My Alienware Laptop
  • Our Fridge Freezer (it was a very nice large American style one)
  • My mum's motorcycle (she didn't want it, but I was going to fix it up and use it)
  • My wacom graphics tablet (so now I can't do art on my computer as nicely)
  • My DasKeyboard (the blank keys keyboard. My typing speed hasn't been the same since)
  • My Beautiful M-Audio BX8a monitor speakers
  • My Oxygen Midi Controller Keyboard
  • My ability to tip well at restaurants
  • Sleep, sometimes for days on end
  • Our temper with our children, for no real reason
  • Our sense of humour at stuff sometimes, mostly anything to do with money
  • Our sense of stability, having to live 250 miles away from your family is wearing in itself
  • Two of our friends due to their moving to Canada in search of a job that pays
  • Many more of our friends due to us moving in search of a job,
  • Track of our finances
  • Hope in getting back what we've lost.
  • Our materialistic sides
  • Our desire to get new things as they come out
  • The distractions from truly appreciating what it means to be a family

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