Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cycling in London again

Yesterday was the first day cycling in London in about nine years. I managed an average of pain miles per hour, the journey too an awfully long time for someone just getting back on a bike. My butt hurts like I've been shown how to appreciate alternative lifestyles.

This biking thing is another cunning plan to reduce outgoings as my situation is financially pitiful. I'm on good wages, but still, given the situation I'm in, it's just not enough. To save money, my wife and kids are in Wales, approximately 250 miles away. Which is sad, and I miss them. I am living in London, in a room with another games developer, trying desperately to make ends meet. The tube and national rail are costing me enough to make me get out my old pedal cycle. Again, this is sad as I now ride motorcycles, have done for years, and now I really need one as my bum hurts.

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