Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Things we lost

Due to the mortgage pain, the house not selling, the insolvency of Broadsword, here are some of the things we've lost:
  • My RC helicopter (full 3D electric)
  • My RC plane controller and Futaba servos (very nice 2.4ghz controller)
  • My first RC Airplane (not great, but I liked it)
  • My RC Car (Mad Force, I loved that car)
  • My Wife's RC Car (She loved her Savage as much as I loved my Mad Force)
  • A large number of my wife's collected fairy ornaments and a piggy bank.
  • My motorcycle, a Suzuki Bandit 1200
  • Our car, a Renault Clio Automatic (so my wife could learn to drive)
  • My power kite (a 3m kite)
  • My Alienware Laptop
  • Our Fridge Freezer (it was a very nice large American style one)
  • My mum's motorcycle (she didn't want it, but I was going to fix it up and use it)
  • My wacom graphics tablet (so now I can't do art on my computer as nicely)
  • My DasKeyboard (the blank keys keyboard. My typing speed hasn't been the same since)
  • My Beautiful M-Audio BX8a monitor speakers
  • My Oxygen Midi Controller Keyboard
  • My ability to tip well at restaurants
  • Sleep, sometimes for days on end
  • Our temper with our children, for no real reason
  • Our sense of humour at stuff sometimes, mostly anything to do with money
  • Our sense of stability, having to live 250 miles away from your family is wearing in itself
  • Two of our friends due to their moving to Canada in search of a job that pays
  • Many more of our friends due to us moving in search of a job,
  • Track of our finances
  • Hope in getting back what we've lost.
  • Our materialistic sides
  • Our desire to get new things as they come out
  • The distractions from truly appreciating what it means to be a family

Thursday, 20 May 2010


And so it's finally happened. We've not been in a good position to pay our mortgage for a while now, and what with the landlord for our place in Cambridge being horrid to us, we've still not been able to pay up the full amount on our mortgage.

It's not like we're not trying.

I've got a good paying job, but with the rent on the wrong house, and the long commutes, it was impossible to keep our house and stay in Cambridge. I got a job in London, working for quite a good company, on a reasonable wage, but the landlord decided he'd stick us in the ribs with "the letter of the law" about the rental agreement, and wouldn't take our month's notice. In fact, he unkindly demanded that we "pay up all the rest of the rent, then we could go."

So, I'm now living on London on £0 a week (cycling to work, eating at other people's expense and living in a place without paying rent). My family are living in the house that is 250 miles away, and now has a repo order on it. Every time I think about the situation, I wonder how it's possible that I can't afford to live. Every time I take out the spreadsheet and calculate our outgoings, I can balance it, but can't make a profit. It's like I'm missing something. Other people manage to get by on half the wage! I think I'd be better off out of work. At least then I could live off a pittance at home with my family rather than just about getting by, only seeing them once a week.

I'm tired and angry and upset, but at least I've still got my family. One day this will all be okay and we'll look back and think that it was hard, but in the end everything was okay. Sometimes I'm lucky, I've never been one for the gamblers falacy, and I'm still not, so I don't think I deserve any bad luck, but also don't think I deserve any good luck either. I would just like some, and soon.

Friday, 14 May 2010


Its just another day, but this one started out with a 6am wake up to move the car to where it needs to be tonight. Cycling is free, taking the car home at weekends costs parking, fuel, my hours, and two train fares. That's not friendly. A motorcycle would be cheaper as I don't have to start my journey in the wrong place, nor do I have to pay for parking. Must get back on a motorcycle when Harry stops moving backwards and forwards to Wales.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cycling in London again

Yesterday was the first day cycling in London in about nine years. I managed an average of pain miles per hour, the journey too an awfully long time for someone just getting back on a bike. My butt hurts like I've been shown how to appreciate alternative lifestyles.

This biking thing is another cunning plan to reduce outgoings as my situation is financially pitiful. I'm on good wages, but still, given the situation I'm in, it's just not enough. To save money, my wife and kids are in Wales, approximately 250 miles away. Which is sad, and I miss them. I am living in London, in a room with another games developer, trying desperately to make ends meet. The tube and national rail are costing me enough to make me get out my old pedal cycle. Again, this is sad as I now ride motorcycles, have done for years, and now I really need one as my bum hurts.